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of children will have spaces between their teeth


of adults will have gaps in their teeth

Typically, the spacing in your smile is natural and looks as it should. But, sometimes the gaps can cause food to become trapped, or impact your ability to chew. 

Large, visible gaps can cause some people to feel self-conscious, but it can also lead to a tooth being chipped in the future without support from surrounding teeth. If you are concerned about the gaps between your teeth, they can be reduced or even eliminated through various treatments, depending on their underlying source.

Causes, how to prevent & natural solutions

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There are many things that cause gaps between your teeth, and most of them are natural.

Gaps between baby teeth are typically normal. However, unhealthy and prolonged habits, such as thumb sucking, can not only cause gaps but interrupt the development of the jaw and bite.

Missing teeth will cause spaces to form as bone loss occurs in the area. When all the spaces are filled, your teeth keep themselves together. However, even just missing one tooth can cause the rest of your to teeth drift in an uncontrolled manner.

A frenum is the muscle attachment for the upper lip. It's that taut bit of skin connecting your upper lip to your gums. In certain case, the frenum is attached between the two middle teeth or other teeth - which can cause a gap.

Small teeth, with respect to the the size of the jaw, can be the cause of spaces between teeth.

Cleft lip/palate occurs when the facial structure does not fully form during development. With both cleft lip and palate, gaps usually appear with missing teeth.

Gaps can be a naturally occurring process, which means that early attention is often the best way to mitigate them. 

The best way to prevent gaps is early intervention at a young age. If gap-causing habits exist, we aim to eliminate them as soon as reasonable.

If a frenum (the muscle connecting the upper lip to the front of the gums) is causing gapping, especially after the adult teeth have come in, then a frenectomy can be done to remove the attachment.

Good oral hygiene is key as it will maintain proper gum health and bone level. When these are compromised, bone will shrink and teeth can shift and lead to gaps.

If you have unwanted gaps, there are a variety of treatments to repair them.

If gaps exist into adulthood and other causations have been ruled out, then orthodontic treatment with Invisalign can move teeth into improve the bite and close the gaps

If gaps are due to breakage of teeth or old restorations, then repair and replacement of older dentistry is a simple way to fix gaps.

Many gaps in the front teeth can be eliminated with veneers which offer whitening and straightening, along with filling the gap between the teeth

Dental composite bonding can be added between teeth to close gaps and typically require no drilling.

Large gaps due to tooth loss can be closed with implant treatment or alternatively with bridge placement

Gaps due to periodontal disease are often difficult to reduce as the underlying cause of gum disease must first be addressed to prevent further tooth movement. A combination of cleaning, laser treatment, ozone therapy can stop and prevent periodontal disease and help the gums and bone rejuvenate.

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