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Dental Conditions Wisdom Teeth


of wisdom teeth
lead to oral damage
and sickness


of wisdom teeth
will become infected


of wisdom teeth
will erupt with pain
and cause shifting


of wisdom teeth
are removed

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come into the mouth, usually during adulthood. If you have space and your gums are healthy, they can erupt without needing attention.

However, wisdom teeth can become impacted or stuck under the gums and bone if there is not enough space. This can lead to pain, bleeding, swelling, infection and damage to your mouth.

A dentist can assess wisdom teeth before or after they erupt and consider the pros and cons of removing them. Removal can lead to temporary bruising, dry socket, and numbness. If the benefits outweigh the negatives, removal will be recommended.

Causes, how to prevent & natural solutions

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Many believe that wisdom teeth are becoming less common as humans have been evolving to having smaller jaws. When wisdom teeth do develop, they can cause concerns due to the following;

A wisdom tooth will become impacted when there is not enough room for its development and it will become trapped

Sometimes even when there is enough room, the tooth may grow in the wrong direction and become stuck

If wisdom teeth are present, minimizing discomfort or complications during eruption can help mitigate issues.

Keep the area clean and brushed thoroughly.

Salt water rinses can minimize bacteria overgrowth around gums.

In some cases orthodontic treatment may create space for an otherwise crowded wisdom tooth and allow it to come in.

Sometimes the extraction is considered surgical, where some gums or bone may need to be removed.

The removal followed by thoroughly; and safely cleaning the area by physically removing tooth ligaments, necrotic bone, or cyst-type tissue

Areas that suffered any infection are further disinfected with ozone treatment

We recommend PRF (platelet rich fibrin harvested from the patient’s blood) to be placed in the socket to act as a type of immediate clot. This reduces the chances of infection and dry-socket and speeds up healing.

If the gums are becoming irritated from slightly covering an otherwise good wisdom tooth, a minor laser treatment (gingivectomy) can push the gums back so that the tooth is easier to clean and prevent food trapping and infection.

A minor adjustment to the adjacent tooth can sometimes be all that is needed to free up the wisdom tooth to erupt optimally.

Rarely, orthodontic treatment can be used to guide the wisdom into the best spot possible

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