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Natural Solutions Repair Your Smile

Damaged teeth can have an impact on the rest of your body, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, nervous and digestive systems.

With many repair procedures available, we at Shore Dental assess the damaged area through an extensive and careful examination, explain the relevant solutions and their respective benefits, and carry out procedures in a non-invasive manner using natural methods and materials.


Mercury is a known toxin and even in small amounts can have long-term negative health consequences. Removing mercury amalgam fillings improperly can expose the body to exponentially more mercury, making a bad situation much worse.

The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (S.M.A.R.T.) procedure is a strictly adhered to protocol that minimizes risks to the patient and staff during mercury filling removal and includes;

  • Heavy metal chelation taken prior to appointment
  • Rubber dam for protection
  • High volume suction above and below the dam
  • Patient has their own oxygen supply so no toxic aerosol is inhaled
  • Dental vacuum scavenges all aerosols in the environment
  • Room equipped with medical grade HEPA filtration system
  • Patient is completely draped and protected
  • Sterile water is used to keep debris settled, preventing it from becoming aerosolized
  • Fillings removed in a chunk rather than small particles that can slip past protective measures

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When a tooth is suspected of a imminent break or has already suffered a fracture, dental crowns become a recommendation. At Shore Dental, we only place crowns that are made with ceramic or zirconia, both of which the body shows no negative immune response to. Crowns are typically completed in a single visit; meaning there’s no need for a temporary crown, putty in the mouth or a second injection. Just efficient and convenient treatment with our PrimeScan CEREC unit.

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Minimally invasive fillings are recommended when a cavity has occurred. Once the decay is removed, we further minimize the chances of bacteria survival by ozonating the cavity. 

Material used is often composite or ceramic, depending on the size of the filling and the longevity preferred. At Shore Dental, the composite used is BPA and BPS free and has no other known endocrine disruptors, while having superior wear resistance and cosmetic properties.

Onlay or inlays are excellent options when the tooth requires structural support beyond a what a composite filling provides, yet are minimally invasive like a filling.An onlay provides the best of both worlds: it is long lasting like a crown but non-invasive like a filling.

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A root canal is only recommended when removal of the tooth is not an option. Though we are uncertain about the long-term effects on the body when a root canal is done, in certain cases it may be the only option available to get tooth pain or infection under control. 

When decay or infection has penetrated the tooth to elicit sensitivity, pain, or swelling a root canal is performed in an attempt to remove the painful nerves inside the tooth and render it “dead”.

At Shore Dental we consider all options and proceed with a root canal only through the most non-invasive, non-immune response eliciting, chemical-free protocol available in contemporary dentistry.

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Wisdom teeth are sometimes considered for removal, usually due to a lack of space in the mouth. Crowded wisdom teeth can lead to swelling or infection around them due to difficulty in cleaning them, rendering adjacent teeth more susceptible to decay. Wisdom teeth that are still hiding under the gums and are not visible can undergo unwanted changes leading to cyst development or jaw bone loss.

A full assessment of the area is done prior to removal and includes a CT scan to identify the nerves and key structures, in order to minimize complications.

At Shore Dental, we go above and beyond the simple removal of the wisdom tooth. Depending on the situation, we may complete cleaning and removal of necrotic tissue, ozonate the area in cases of infection, and even provide an immediate clot made of blood proteins (PRF),significantly reducing the chances of “dry socket” and speeding up healing.

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In rare cases, the removal of a tooth may be considered the most optimal treatment. All of our teeth play specific roles, whether they are needed to smile or to chew, they are not only all important individually but also as a whole unit, as they are meant to function together.

When tooth extraction is planned, we at Shore Dental take steps to ensure comfort, predictability and accelerated healing;

  • A CT scan provides information about nearby structures, such as nerves.
  • Sufficient anesthetic that can be buffered to give deep and immediate freezing
  • Sedation is available if the patient requires
  • A natural clot can be placed immediately. This is formed from the patient’s blood and referred to as PRF
  • The area is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated using instruments, ozone and laser.

Generally, an immediate implant can be placed at the same time the tooth is extracted, eliminating the need for a return visit and additional discomfort.

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