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million root canals are done every year


average success rate in roots canals

In severe instances, a root canal may be recommended when a cavity has gotten deep enough to affect or touch the nerve inside the tooth. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal is typically a pain-free procedure, and is an attempt at not only removing the nerve inside the tooth but also disinfect and sterilize the entire root system. This is traditionally done by drilling into the tooth and using metal files to remove the infected nerve and vascular tissue all the way to the tip of the root. The interior of the tooth is cleaned physically and chemically, and then filled with rubber-like material called gutta percha. A crown is often recommended once the tooth feels better.

Temperature sensitivity is often the most visible symptom to address. Pain during biting can arise due to the infection having spread beyond the tooth and into the bone. Pain that previously existed which came on sporadically without any cause or reason is the most difficult symptom to resolve with treatment. For these reasons and many more, a root canal treatment should be discussed in depth as each case is very specific to the individual and their ability to tolerate the treatment.

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