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Implants are the gold standard when it comes to replacing missing teeth. However, some hesitate placing titanium in the body or may be allergic to the metal. In those cases, zirconia implants are available as a hypo-allergenic solution with all of the strengths of titanium.

Zirconia implants are:

  • White and natural looking
  • Highly stable and non-corroding
  • Metal-free, with almost no sensitivity or allergy documented
  • Non-conductive to electrical charges
  • Bio-inert, not interfering with the energy meridians of the body
  • Allow for the implant and abutment (the part that the crown attaches to in the mouth) to be one piece, reducing bacteria colonization

  • Helps Solve
  • How It Works

Missing teeth are generally either as a result of trauma, removal by a dentist, or naturally missing

Bone loss and jaw shrinkage will occur once a tooth is removed, or if a tooth is missing

The maxillary sinus, above the top molars, will enlarge over time in the absence of teeth below it

Teeth may shift into undesirable angles and in an uncontrolled fashion, leading to tooth trauma, biting and chewing pain, and sensitivity from root exposure.

Zirconia offers the added benefit of being more tooth coloured and will not appear grey under thin gums, giving a more natural look

Implants will stop the atrophy or loss of bone once they are placed. The body heals and fuses to the specially coated surface of the implant. Additionally, Implants can be placed on the same appointment that the tooth is removed to minimize surgeries and prevent bone loss in certain cases.

Teeth no longer shift freely and the bite is restored to its optimal level.

Excessive wear and tear does not occur on the remaining teeth and the forces are balanced equally in the implant tooth

As a permanent solution, longevity is the same for zirconia implants as it is with titanium implants and 95% have shown long-term success

Zirconia is hypo-allergenic and is bio-compatible for the body

As opposed to titanium, bacteria tend not to attach to zirconia as easily, therefore it decreases the chances of infection

Not only does bone integrate well with zirconia like titanium, but only zirconia allows for gum attachment as well, which helps with healing and avoiding infection

Zirconia implants actually do slightly better when placed at the same time as tooth removal.

a CT scan is taken prior to the procedure to ensure adequate bone density and volume.

If the tooth is already missing, a surgical stent can be pre-fabricated with a digital scan of the mouth to allow for optimal placement of implant as well as avoiding surgical incisions

Great care is taken to employ a non-traumatic extraction of the existing tooth in such a manner that no bone is compromised.

The socket is judiciously cleaned and sterilized with ozonated water and gas

Any extra space if filled with bone graft material which may be human, animal, or the patient’s own

Grafting material, if needed, is combined with platelet rich fibrin clot (PRF) harvested from the patient’s own blood to also for accelerated healing and comfort.

A temporary cap or crown is placed during the next couple of months to allow the implant to integrate itself to the body.

At a time deemed appropriate (typically 4 months after implant placement) a zirconia crown is fabricated and placed.

With proper and regular care, cleanings and examinations we expect the implant to last many year to decades.

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